We have been involved with numerous types of animals most of our lives. The knowledge & experience we have acquired allows us to produce both stunning & unique images of your animals whether they are domesticated or exotic. Jeff is also an award winning dog photographer.

We believe it is important to have your animal photographed where they will be most relaxed. This could be at your home or the great outdoors or a studio setting or our garden studio.

We will take whatever time is necessary to get those unique images.

You may then wish to have a composite put together showing different aspects of your animals character. We can provide prints, framed prints and canvases.

Animal Photography & Digital Art

        by Jeff & Barbara Poole

Below Examples of just 5 of our composites

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Ethan sea web 2 18x12Ben MomtagesPage001 copy

Welcome to Our Website

12x16 JJ_A_3850_prv copy 20060729_0039 SIR 18x12 montagesPage002 10x8 ZX4C5270 copy 6x4 Expressions of Loyalty copy groomsmen web Black on black Black on black2 DILBERT WEB Wolf Hound Composite web

 Below "Black on Black"

Have your animal photographed on the move & having fun

IMG_1430Jeff IMG_1408Jeff IMG_1423Jeff IMG_1384Jeff Jeff Liz German ShepThis One Liz WEB 3 horses running copy  THE WHIPPET COMPOSITE WEB copy